Fork In Review

Jan Hume

Month: December, 2013

Some Observations of German Cuisine

Guten Tag and willkommen to some observations of German cuisine. Similar to the caves of Lascaux and north western Australia, cave paintings have been discovered in Germany depicting vats of fermented cabbage, and of fermented hops. Waves of invading hordes liked what they were ravaging and pillaging, and wanted more of it. The Romans, not […]

Restaurant Reviewing

Remember the saying “I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like”? It seems that the same holds for restaurant reviewing, but with a twist: “I don’t know much about food, so I will show you a photo. Oh, and troll around in other websites !” There has been some media commentary […]

Book Review: “You Aren’t What You Eat” Stephen Poole

Remember when you just cooked a meal and ate it? If there was a special occasion you referred to a cookbook. For something really special you could get some ideas from one of a huge number of TV cook shows, or one of Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks for example. Currently, some TV cooks take beautiful ingredients […]