Fork In Review

Jan Hume

Month: June, 2015

Book Review: “Balzac’s Omelette” by Anka Muhlstein

Anka Muhlstein is a travel writer among other things, so she has a gift for description. In this book she takes on Balzac’s characters and their attitudes to food and eating. As well as Balzac’s own relationship with food. It appears that he can waver from asceticism to gluttony in 24 hours. He would do […]

Film Review: “Foodies; The Culinary Jetset”

This documentary was part of the Sydney Film Festival 2015. It follows some food bloggers who fly around the world with the express purpose of dining at the most expensive restaurants, eg. Noma. They get selfies with celebrity chefinators, and take photos of the (usually small) objets d’art which are about to be wolfed down […]

Book Review: “Salad Days” by Ronnie Scott

It appears that Scott has dined with a restaurant reviewer, and he seems to be exploring some thoughts  about cuisine, restaurants, and trying to justify his keen interest in fine dining. He says that a restaurant’s job is to dress up ingredients for sale. It’s done in an attractive setting at sometimes unattractive prices. Unlike […]