Fork In Review

Jan Hume

Month: October, 2016

Dinner Distorted

From years of observation when eating out, and reading and watching the food media, it appears that some things have gone over the top: Expensive restaurant dinners:  we don’t have to eat out, of course, but when we do, does it really have to be so expensive? What I mean is bad value for money […]

Review: “The Beast” by Eddie Perfect

The Beast was written by Eddie Perfect and staged at the Sydney Opera House. This is not a theatre review; I was looking at it from the point of view of food trends.  It is a wonderful comedy of manners which has a crack at the behaviour of food faddists. Some food faddists follow the […]

Review: “The United States of Arugula” by David Kamp

This book is a history of modern American cuisine from James Beard onwards right up to the current food trends. What makes it so readable is the gossipy tone, eg. who slept with whom, and who teamed up and fell out with whom. There’s also the satisfaction the reader gets from recognition of names and […]