Fork In Review

Jan Hume

Month: February, 2019

Book Review: “The Getting of Garlic” by John Newton

This book is very readable. It looks at the emergence of a national cuisine, and examines traditions and definitions until we arrive at a ‘Mongrel’ cuisine. My mother was a traditional meat and three veg cook. She knew how to make decent gravy without the adulteration of the commercial packet variety. However, she did not […]

Book Review: “Plats du Jour” by William Black

William Black spent years going backwards and forwards from France to the UK as a fish dealer. Consequently, he met lots of French people in and around the hospitality industry and learnt a fair bit about the history of French food, haute cuisine, regional dishes, markets and the best vendors. Like Rick Stein, he as […]

Book Review: “The Ten (Food) Commandments” by Jay Rayner

This is an amusing little book. Rayner pulls no punches and can’t stand bullshit. To promote the book, he did a tour of stage shows in Britain, dressed as Moses holding pizza boxes (instead of stones) with ‘Do as I say’ written on them. As the food columnist for The Observer he has a bit […]