Fork In Review

Jan Hume

Month: January, 2020

More Restaurant Reviewing

Several months ago a French chef, Marc Veyrat of La Maison des Bois, France, stated that he wanted to give back his two Michelin stars. His restaurant was demoted from three stars to two, and Michelin was reluctant to comply with his wishes. Veyrat voiced his opinion against their decision and was sceptical about the […]

“The Way We Eat Now” – Bee Wilson

Wilson wrote this book to point out what is wrong with our food system. ‘It’s now becoming clear that the way most people currently eat is not sustainable – either for the planet or for human health. If we want to stop getting swallowed up by our own food and to re-establish eating as something […]

A Meat-Free Diet?

Having attended the Climate Strike at the Domain in Sydney on Friday  (20 Sept 2019), I started thinking about whether going vegetarian would help not only the planet, but my health as well.  It sounds pretty easy, taking into consideration some nutritional points such as consuming enough proteins and the right vitamins and minerals. I’ve […]