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Jan Hume

Category: Cuisines and Travel

Thai Food: Talking, Walking, Eating, Writing

This was a 6 hour walking and tasting tour of Thai Town, Sydney, on Saturday 30 January 2016, led by Nuch, a member of the Thai community who works with Taste Food Tours. It was also in conjunction with the WEA, the writing part being delivered by Jeannette Delamoir who has extensive qualifications and experience […]

Film Review: “Foodies; The Culinary Jetset”

This documentary was part of the Sydney Film Festival 2015. It follows some food bloggers who fly around the world with the express purpose of dining at the most expensive restaurants, eg. Noma. They get selfies with celebrity chefinators, and take photos of the (usually small) objets d’art which are about to be wolfed down […]

Some Observations of German Cuisine

Guten Tag and willkommen to some observations of German cuisine. Similar to the caves of Lascaux and north western Australia, cave paintings have been discovered in Germany depicting vats of fermented cabbage, and of fermented hops. Waves of invading hordes liked what they were ravaging and pillaging, and wanted more of it. The Romans, not […]