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Jan Hume

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The Future of Food Fetishes

In the Seventies there was a big pile of bricks placed in front of  London’s Tate Museum. All the tabloids and bourgeoisie scoffed. In spite of their disgust and bewilderment, this pile of bricks forced people to ask the question: what is art? When you watch a news clip of a fashion show, you tend […]

Restaurant Reviewing

Remember the saying “I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like”? It seems that the same holds for restaurant reviewing, but with a twist: “I don’t know much about food, so I will show you a photo. Oh, and troll around in other websites !” There has been some media commentary […]

Restaurant Rudeness

In the last few months there has been some snarling about and from restaurateurs in the media. John Lethlean (in the Weekend Australian 2-3 June 2012) lamented the decrease in hospitality from service staff. Everything about the restaurant might be fabulous, but the missing ingredient is hospitality. And he’s not talking about self-important people who […]