Fork In Review

Jan Hume

Month: December, 2011

Depression Food

Since October 2008 when we went into financial meltdown, restaurateurs have had to cook and eat humble pie.  Those who don’t will probably the cat-fattening troughs in the CBDs. There will be diminishing returns on the average $40 main or $70 portion of Wagyu. Some of these lazy-thinking and smug places might have might have […]

Julie and Julia

This film is not really about food. It’s a film and it’s about two women in search of a life. And some meaning to put in it. The director, Nora Ephron allegedly said that she used cooking as therapy to cope with a marriage breakdown. It’s easy to relate to these three women; cooking can […]

Medium Raw & Cuisine Du Moi – Book Review

CUISINE DU MOI by Ben Canaider, Allen & Unwin Publishers MEDIUM RAW by Anthony Bourdain, Bloomsbury Publishers These two books deal with chef’s inflated egos. Medium Raw is about Anthony Bourdain’s ego, as well as the chefs and food writers he writes about. Cuisine du Moi is about the ego of Gavin Canardeaux, a global […]