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Jan Hume

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Chicken Today… And Every Day

In March 2012 there was a news story about what Australians eat. Chicken topped the list of meats we consume according to the Meat & Livestock Association 2010-11. About the same time another news story was published about the unsanitary behaviour of a large chicken processor in NSW. The allegation was that packaged chicken unsold […]

The Food Game

The further we progress, the more apparent becomes the wisdom of the Masters of the Universe in describing the food markets as a game of musical chairs. The most perceptive analysis the trader can do is to sit around until someone else believes it too, because the object of the game is not just to […]

The Roles of Food

This is a tongue in cheek piece about food trends: Good morning all. Welcome to the Secret Society of Restaurant Reviewers. You may be aware that this occasion was brought about because there is a palpable need to extend the roles of food in the leisure market. I will give you a few ideas and […]