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Jan Hume

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“In the Name of the Land”

This film was a box office hit in France, and did very well at the 2020 French Film Festival in Sydney. It’s basically about how agricultural methods and rural life have changed over the last 40 years. The director, Edward Bergeon, based it on his life growing up on a farm. The main character, a […]

Restaurants During COVID-19

Every year the trend oracles have a go at predicting what restaurants are going to serve up the following year. Remember fads like acai, kale, cauliflower, kombucha, and plant-based protein? However, hospitality is not just about fads, food and drinks, it’s also about meeting friends and having a chat and a laugh. Occasionally, this makes […]

Book Review: “Choice Cuts” by Mark Kurlansky

This book is like antipasti. You can pick at pieces, and if Greek writers or German philosophers are not to your taste, you don’t have to ready them anymore. You can simply try the next platter and see if that’s to your taste. And you can snack, rather than wolf the lot down all at […]